With over 30 years in the picture framing business, we are equipped to help you to get beautiful framing results. When choosing a frame, we pay attention to dating the work of art in question and determining the art movement is part of. Personal preferences, surroundings and the nature of the work of art also play a large role. From sober and modest to exuberant gilded carvings by means of examples you will gain a clear insight into the choise of matching frames we can offer. We offer several profiles like:

  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Baroque


Our gallery is an Official Dealer of hand-made frames from the Dutch frame makers KWH and GJB. The products of these companies are made from high quality materials.

Besides hand-made we can also offer machine-made frames. These products are cheaper, from lower quality and from other manufacturers.

If you would like to view our collection or you want your painting to be framed, you are more than welcome to visit our showroom.

Museum quality

Our service standards require that we use the highest quality materials. In fitting your oil painting, we only use frames lined with acid-free felt and spring clips.


If you’ve any questions please use our contact form by clicking this link. We’ll inform you as soon as possible.