J.H.H. (John) Bévort

Dutch artist John Bévort was born in the city Utrecht on November 30, 1917. He died in the small town Schoorl on January 31, 1996. His full name is Johannes Hubertus Hendrikus Bévort.

Background John Bévort

John Bévort was a pupil of the famous Dutch artist Cris Agterberg at the Art Academy Artibus and G. Nijenhuis. Cris was a teacher in Industrial Arts. Both teachers came from the city Utrecht.

During the Second World War John Bévort rented a room in an monastery in Utrecht to practice his artwork. Later on, he got his own art gallery in the same city. In the basement of this art gallery was his workplace. But after some time business life did not appeal to him, because he just wanted to paint.

Together with Peter Brouwer, John Bévort bought a piece of land in the town Schoorl in 1960. On this land they build a house and a studio. Peter was a young artist. Besides his friend and former student, he lived with the Bévort family. Due to the location of their studio they were called the Schoorl painters.


Dutch artist John Bévort was an impressionist, because he worked mainly with palette knife and painting knife. He has become famous for his naturalistic landscapes, such as; hunting scenes, beach, dunes and sea views. He also painted subjects like; cityscapes, lake views, sailing ships and church interiors. Due to his holidays in Spain and Italy, he painted South European scenes under his nickname ‘Camprio’. In the early stage of his painting career he was also named ‘Jan Bévort’ .

John Bévort made many reproductions of his work. Therefore he made an international name with exhibitions in Europe and in the United States. John was a member of the International Organization of Free Art. This was a Dutch association for important artist of that time. John Bévort was also the teacher of Dutch artists Peter Brouwer and Gerard Ernens.