J.H.J. (Jan) Jasper

Dutch artist Jan Hendrik Jacob Jasper was born on 11 May 1937 in The Hague. He died there on 11 February 2018. His first name was Jan Jasper. He was a painter, art dealer and art restorer.

Background Jan Jasper

At the age of 17 Jan Jasper sailed as a sailor. Jasper studied at The National Art School in Sydney (Australia) in 1956 and 1957. From 1958 to 1960, Jasper was a student of the Dutch artists F.T.H. van Gaalen (1904-1990) and A.N.M. Karssen (1945-2019). He was a follower of the Dutch 19th-century romantic school.

Jan Jasper lived and worked in city The Hague. In addition to a studio, he also owned an art dealership in The Hague. In 1992 he moved to Hoogstraten and from 1996 to Turnhout in Belgium. He then returned to The Hague in 2003.

In 1994, Jan Jasper cleaned and restored the historic painting “Panorama of Hoogstraten” dated 1564. This painting was restored in 1928 by Belgian artist Emile Antoine Vauthier (1864-1946), because this work was cut in half. The portrait of Karel Boom (1858-1939), which he made of his father, was also restored by Jasper in 1995.

Jasper made a painting of Turnhout’s “Grote Markt” (large market) for the City Council of Turnhout in 1997. This work is a true-to-life representation, based on a postcard from 1903.


Jan Jasper had a wide oeuvre, but is known as a marine painter from The Hague. He mainly made paintings of Old Dutch beach and seascapes. They are often beach scenes from the coastal villages Katwijk and Scheveningen, on which old barges are depicted. Sometimes he painted seascapes with warships from the seventeenth century. He also painted cityscapes, winter landscapes, animal scenes, portraits and harbor views of Rotterdam. He has exhibited in the Netherlands, France, Germany and America.


Jan Jasper painted under his own name, but also under different pseudonyms. The pseudonyms are: Zielstra (circa 1960-1965), Douwes (circa 1970-1982), Mooyman, (circa 1984-1986) Hendrik Vader (circa 1992-1997) Seeman and D. Hofmahn. Paintings signed with Hendrick Vader (including the letter “c”) and H. Vader are almost certainly not Jan Jasper’s. The works with his own signature, the first letter “J” almost disappears in the second letter “H”. So there seems H.J. Jasper to be signed.