M. (Martin) Schildt

Dutch artist Martin Schildt was born in Rotterdam on August 29, 1867 and died in this city on June 14, 1921. His full name was Martinus Schildt.

Background Martin Schildt

Martin Schildt lived and worked his entire life in the important port city of Rotterdam of the Netherlands. From 1893 until his death in 1921, he was a painter by profession.He was a lacquer worker by profession from 1880 to 1893. This was an old profession, in which objects were coated with a lacquer layer and then dried in a hot air oven. Martin attended an evening course at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. From 1893 until his death in 1921, he was a painter by profession.

Painter Cornelis Theodorus Maria van Dongen (1877-1968) was a friend of Martin. From 1894 he lived above the studio of Martin Schildt. Kees van Dongen lived here for three years with his friend Jacobus Hendrikus (‘Koos’) Speenhoff (1869-1945). Koos Speenhoff was a singer, poet, illustrator and painter. Like Kees van Dongen, he had run away from home. Kees van Dongen left for Paris in 1897.

Martin Schildt made oil paintings, watercolors and drawings with portraits, interiors, landscapes, cityscapes and still lifes. His wife was often a model for his portraits. He usually signed his work with M. Schildt.

Martin was a member of the Amsterdam association of visual artists and art lovers Arti et Amicitiae (‘for art and friendship’). Arti Amsterdam is still located at Rokin 112.

Martin’s work is present in museums, such as Boymans van Beuningen (Rotterdam), Communal Museum (The Hague), National Museum Bilderbeek-Lamaison (Dordrecht).

Martin Schildt taught the Dutch painters Egbertus Antonie Jansen (1877-1957), Leonard Ponse (1883-1949) and Jacobus Johannes Brouwers (1892-1942). Around 1900 he has held exhibitions of his work in Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Spa (Belgium) and Leeuwarden.