R. (Ron) Meilof

Dutch artist Ron Meilof was born on January 23, 1953 in Hilversum. He is deceased on February 14, 2016 in Hijken. His nickname was Ron but his full name was Ronald.

Background Ron Meilof

In his childhood his creativity in drawing was quickly established. Moreover Ron got on early age drawing lessons from his grandfather Hepke. His grandfather was an amateur painter at the time. Then his grandfather taught him the basics of painting. Grandfather Hepke took him also with him on outings in the nature. Thus he became fascinated by animals.

From hairdresser to professional painter

Ron Meilof was a hairdresser till his 18th year. In this profession he met his wife Gerda. However hairdressing brought him no satisfaction.

In 1971, he met Dick de Vries (1948). Dick was a professional painter. He taught Ron the technique of fine arts. Therefore he spent a lot of time in the studio of Dick until he mastered the technique sufficiently. After that he wanted to earn a living with painting.

His hobbies

Because of his love for nature, Ron Meilof decided to move in 1975 to the Dutch province Drenthe. There he bought a farm so that he could keep horses. His other hobbies were photography and playing guitar. Photographing landscapes, seascapes, birds and other animals was very important for the exercise of his profession.

Top quality paintings

In the beginning Ron Meilof has made Old Dutch cityscapes and interiors. His cousin Ernst Vahrmeyer, who died young, was a specialist in Old Dutch scenes. Inspired by the surrounding landscape, Ron changed on to another topic: “nature”. In 1992 he joined the EKC (‘Enschedees Kunstenaars Collectief’) association of artist based in the city of Enschede. This was an association of the most talented painters in the Netherlands.

The paintings of Ronald Meilof are extremely detailed and true to nature. Therefore he even travelled to Kenya and Tanzania to study the African wild. He made many study trips with other Dutch artists, such as his friend Lion Feijen. So there is no doubt that Ron Meilof was one of world’s best wildlife painters.