E. (Evert) Moll

Dutch artist Evert Moll was born on 15 December 1878 in Voorburg and died on 10 May 1955 in The Hague. Besides being a painter, he was a graphic artist, draftsman and etcher.

Background Evert Moll

Evert Moll was an autodidact and also received instructions from Dutch painters Willem Maris (1844-1910) and Willem Roelofs (1822-1897). His working period was from about 1893 to 1955.

Evert Moll was friends with Albert Roelofs, the son of the famous Hague School painter Willem Roelofs. Through the Roelofs family he comes into contact with artists who around the turn of the century determined the art climate in the Netherlands.

As follower of the Hague School, Evert Moll soon moved his field of work to the quays and bridges of Rotterdam. The dynamics of the port business formed a source of inspiration for the painter. Evert Moll became known as a painter of the port of Rotterdam and shipping on the river New Maas. Without realizing himself, he recorded Dutch shipping history from the beginning of the 20th century. The small sailing ships make way other inland vessels and the three-masters for steamships.

Evert worked a lot on behalf of art dealers from the United States and Canada. In addition to harbor scenes and marines, he also painted cityscapes, landscapes, portraits and colorful flower still lifes.

New style

As he grew older, his subdued use of color and wide brush strokes gave way to more colors and a finer paint stroke. Evert Moll was an ‘en plein air-painter’. He sat on the waterfront with his folding chair and the paper on his lap. Many of his works are of the same size: 19 by 31 centimeters. This is exactly the size of his painting box that he used as a “coaster”. These panels often served as examples for the larger works that arose in his studio.

Evert lived in Voorburg (1878-1898), Rijswijk (1899), England (London 1899-1905), France (Paris), Germany, Rotterdam and in The Hague (1930-1955).

His work can be found, for example, in the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen and the Boymans-van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam. Evert Moll was a member of the artists’ association Pulchri Studio in The Hague.